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Michele E Walters



In addition to execution, my priority is to justly represent the challenges, triumphs and emotional evolution of the happenings in the world today. Artists have the task of reflecting and preserving history in its most sincere translation.  At this point in time I strive to challenge preconceived notions to provide another outside perspective of what “reality” could be and or how it is perceived through my personal experience.


I began creating art at a young age, I would block in sections of a piece with colors picked at random until it reminded of an image. I would explain it to others as being similar to when you are looking up at clouds and it morphs into something you recognize, a sort of free association brainstorming session. From there, I would develop the image. The evolution of my process hasn't changed significantly since. Rarely do I have a definite, premeditated image in my mind when I approach a new piece.  I have referred to the source of my inspiration as surrealistic; I am inspired by the ideology of the original surrealists and their fascination with Freudian dream psychoanalysis. Being diagnosed with epilepsy in my early 20’s only seemed to fuel my fascination with the exploration of the subconscious.  


As of late, I have been experimenting with the positioning of horizon lines. I am attempting to confront preconceived notions by creating tension in the actual orientation of the piece. These counter intuitive juxtapositions challenge the viewer to abandon their ideas of what they know to be reality and to embrace unfamiliarity, similar to the evolution of our society. My unadulterated love for nature seeps into every facet of my being and therefore there are significant organic undertones in most of my work. Even non-representational pieces seem to emulate rolling hills, freshly fallen snow or groves of aspens in the fall.

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